Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Merchant Central Building

Merchant Central Building is located in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City district right at the heart of the city. The vibrant area is full of great bars, restaurants and shops to fulfil your every need. The building offers a selection of various sized apartments either on an unfurnished or furnished basis all in a style conducive to urban chic surroundings and of a suitable high standard

These apartments offer a lifestyle suitably located in the heart of Glasgow for the busy professional the discerning student or a single person and couples seeking the thrill of Glasgow ideal if you love living in the Merchant City, a hub of activity.

Each of the two separate buildings at Merchant Central Building is constructed between a large open decking area which is accessed from the internal areas on the first floor of each building. Each building has a lift to all floors and each communal floor accesses via a communal secure door on each landing to the individual apartments.

Choose from a selection of various styled studio apartments of one, two or three bedroom apartments. All apartments are fitted with separate kitchen areas, bathroom with either separate shower or bath facilities

Merchant Central is only a short stroll from two main line rail stations – Glasgow Central and Glasgow’s Queen Street as well as Glasgow’s underground service. It is also only 5 minutes from the commercial centre of Glasgow and within walking distance of any of Glasgow’s universities, colleges and the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. It is opposite the newly constructed Technology and Innovation Centre located on High Street.

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The Building itself

  • Purpose built for city centre living
  • Property management of all communal areas
  • Separate and secure bin storage
  • Key fob door entry on each floor.
  • Built in safety equipment in all communal areas
  • Daily on-site management presence

Merchant Central Building Management

Be-Rented has all the facilities from initial viewing through to reservation to ensure a smooth transition into your home.

We know there’s quite a bit of choice out there but at Be-Rented we feel confident that you’ll agree Merchant central building is not just unique but also very convenient.

To find out more about availability, arrange a viewing, ask any questions or to reserve one of these unique apartments contact Be-Rented.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As many of you renting at Merchant Central Building may be doing so for the first time, BE-RENTED has provided below a list of frequently asked questions. Hopefully these will answer many of your questions and give you piece of mind. A Merchant Central Handbook will be provided to all tenants at the commencement of their lease which provides additional information on renting at Merchant Central Building and with BE-RENTED.

What is the length of my initial lease?
The agreement is an Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) agreement, which means there is no end date. The tenancy is served by either party.

Are my possessions insured?
The landlord is responsible for insuring the property and any items owned by them left in the apartment. All tenants are responsible for insuring their own possessions within the accommodation. Be Rented can organise insurance for you through our insurance broker. Ask a member of BE-RENTED for more details. If you are planning to leave your rented accommodation for more than four weeks, you must inform BE-RENTED in writing. Being unoccupied for a period may affect the insurance, so BE-RENTED are obliged to take steps to protect the accommodation.

How do I set up my internet?
You contact your chosen provider. Your apartment has an internet connection.

Can I get sky/satellite dishes?
The developments deed of conditions does not allow satellite dishes on the building. All apartments have the facility of broadband.

Telephone Connection
The telephone service in each apartment will have been disconnected, but it may be reconnected in the new tenant’s name. British Telecom telephone number is: 0800 800 150 or The property is fitted with a cable/digital line, however a provider will require to be sourced by the tenant. All charges are the responsibility of the tenant and arrangement must be made for disconnection at the end of the tenancy.

How do I sort out any utility provisions and informed them I’ve moved in?

BE-RENTED will take your electricity reading and this will be provided in your inventory and will notify the utility company on your behalf.

Council Tax
BE-RENTED will advise the relevant Local Authority of all new tenant names and occupancy dates. Tenants must apply to the local authority for any relevant discounts or exemptions.

How do I get any repairs sorted?
Call BE-RENTED on 01355 302061 or email to We will then assess if it is an emergency repair.

Who cleans the communal areas?
The management company that manages all communal aspects of the building, sometimes referred to as a factor.

Do I need a TV licence?
If you are intending to use a TV in the apartment then you are responsible for having an up to date TV license. TV Licensing Board can be contacted on: 0844 800 6790 or

Can I have friends and family stay over?
BE-RENTED frequently get asked this. In short one or two nights is acceptable however the condition of the lease governs who can stay in the apartment long term.

Where do I put my rubbish?
Your rubbish should be taken to one of the two provided bin stores on street level. Rubbish should be bagged in black bags and these black bags deposited in the large steel wheelie bins. Do not simply just dump your rubbish on the bin store floor!

Can I have pets?
In line with normal Deed of Conditions, no animals are allowed in Merchant Central Building.

Can I hang pictures?
Yes, you may hang pictures however please remember that you may be charged for any marks on your wall as per your inventory.

How do I order Sleep Packs.
Simply call Be-Rented on 01355 302061 or email to

How much is my deposit?
A deposit equivalent to six weeks rent is payable at the commencement of your lease and is detailed in your Short Assured Tenancy/Lease which you will have signed. The deposit taken will be lodged with BE-RENTED’s chosen tenancy deposit scheme in terms of the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations. At the end of your tenancy the Tenancy Deposit Scheme will be responsible for refunding your deposit.

The deposit is refundable only after you have vacated your apartment and provided that:
· all rent is paid in full

· the apartment had been well maintained

· all items listed in the inventory are present and in an acceptable condition

· BE-RENTED must be satisfied with the condition of the apartment before your money is refunded. If all of the above criteria are passed, then your money will be refunded within six weeks on receipt of any accurate forwarding address by the chosen deposit scheme. This is referred to in your lease.

How can I pay if I am an overseas student?
You can pay by BACS transfer, or debit/credit card.

How can I pay my rent?
As a tenant, you are responsible for ensuring your rent is paid in full and on time. BE-RENTED asks for monthly payment by standing order. This makes sure we receive your rent on the correct day and reduces any late payment charges. Please note if BE-RENTED incur any costs as a result of late payment, these costs may be passed to you. Please refer to your lease regarding charges. It is the tenant’s responsibility to cancel the standing order at the end of the tenancy.

Is there a charge for using a credit card?
Worldpay charges us for the use of this facility and our charge is 3.85% of the transaction amount of credit card and no charge for debit cards.

What happens if my student loan is late?
BE-RENTED will try to accommodate you where we can, however there may be a late payment fee. See your lease for further details.

Can I stay in the apartment during summer holidays?
You can stay in your apartment as long as your rent is paid!

If I go away from my apartment for the summer what do I need to do?
For insurance purposes you should let BE-RENTED know if you are away from your apartment for more than twenty eight days.

Early surrender
Should you wish to leave the accommodation prior to the end of the contracted period you are still liable for all rent payments up until the end of the agreement, unless otherwise agreed with us.

Vacating the Accommodation
It is a condition of your lease that you must give 28 days notice of vacating your accommodation. This is to ensure BE-RENTED markets the accommodation to ensure a new tenant with minimal vacant period for the landlord. You must vacate the apartment on the agreed date. Please also ensure that you provide us with bank details and a forwarding address in order to release any money held.

Will my property be inspected?
BE-RENTED conduct visits within all our tenanted accommodation. These normally take place every three months and take no longer than five minutes, however may be more frequent. These visits ensure there are no maintenance issues that require attention and to check the accommodation is being satisfactory looked after. We will contact you in advance with a date and time to carry out the inspection. If the allocated time is inconvenient then please contact us immediately so we can reschedule.

When will I get my deposit back?
Once you move out the Rental Deposit Scheme will organise the refund of your deposit. This is normally within six weeks of your move out.